Company Profile

Processors & Exporters of Dehydrated Products

POOJA DEHY-FOODS PVT.LTD., basically a firm engaged in manufacturing and exporting Dehydrated Onions, Garlic and other Vegetable products in India. Situated on the outskirts, about 6 kms away from Mahuva, in a pollution free environment. Mahuva is the 2nd largest onion producing belt in India, the reason behind this is mainly it is an agricultural region, with fertile soil, adequate water supply, perfect climatical conditions. Hence Mahuva offers all what onions need. This company is founded by a farmer family, basically engaged in cultivating and trading of Raw Onions since decades.

POOJA DEHY-FOODS Pvt. Ltd. , is capable to supply quality Dehydrated products as it has the most advanced techniques and machines required for Dehydration industry. Our main products are as follows; Dehydrated White / Red Onion FLAKES, KIBBLED, MINCED, CHOPPED, GRANULES, POWDER, SLICES AND CRISPY FRIED ONIONS.

Mission & Vision

Processors & Exporters of Dehydrated Products

To become a one of the most consecutive producer and supplier of dehydrated products & spices across the world.